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empower with a report template

How to empower your developer with a report template

I’m very lucky to always work with wonderful teams and colleagues. If there is anything that we can do to make everyone’s work easier and effective, we all jump at that opportunity. That’s also the case with helping and empowering Report Developers, or Business Intelligence

data sources inventory template

How to create an inventory of your data sources

A data sources inventory is meant to record basic information about the different systems across and/or outside your ecosystem from which you are capturing, producing, acquiring or procuring data. The data sources tend to be well known to their end users and administrators, but not

communication plan template

11 essential elements of a communication plan

I’m a strong believer that communication is one of the vital ingredients for any successful implementation and deployment of a Business Intelligence, Data Governance or overall Data Management program.  Your Business Intelligence, Data Governance or Data Management strategy should have a communication plan as one

white paper - powerful dashboards

White paper on best practices for powerful dashboards

In any domain in any organization, great dashboards are valuable not only because they can sum up important information and offer a single view of data, but also because they are simple to use and offer a quick, unambiguous way to draw meaningful conclusions from

Tools for managing your report inventory (2 of 2)

Tools for managing your report inventory (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2: This is the second and final article on tools for managing your report inventory. For the first article, please read “Tools for managing your report inventory (Part 1 of 2)“. 4. Data governance tool Dedicated data governance tools can track information about reports as individual

Data Quality Issue Log

The ultimate guide to a Data Quality issues log

If you’ve already started or planning to start a data governance program to support your data quality improvement goals, you need a structured way of tracking your data quality issues and their status. There are different ways of doing this, of course, with either the