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The following online courses are available to anyone wanting to enhance their skills as a data professional. 

Business Glossary Course

Now includes a BONUS chapter on Operating Models

Learn step-by-step how to implement an easy to use and efficient Business Glossary that users will adopt and management will praise.

data governance maturity model course

Data Governance Maturity Model CouRSE

Now includes a BONUS chapter on other Maturity Models (Data Science & Data Lakes)

Learn all there is to know about data governance maturity models in order to establish or improve your data governance program.

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Introduction Data lineage documents where data is coming from, where it is going, and what transformations are applied to it as it flows through multiple processes. It helps in understanding the data life cycle. It is one of the most critical pieces of information from a metadata management point of view. From data-quality and data-governance perspectives, it is essential

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