The model-driven revolution is here…

…and it is going to turn the IT world upside down and the put business world back in charge. It all started for me in the very early 90s when I asked what the strange looking computer with the larger than normal monitor was standing,

data quality goal or enabler

Data quality: goal or enabler?

Recently I had a discussion on the question if the goal of data management would be to achieve good data quality or if data quality is an enabler for the most different business purposes. Data quality (DQ) is, in my personal opinion, an extremely interesting

what is a data catalog

What is a data catalog?

The easiest way to understand what a data catalog is to first understand its purpose. For that, let’s take a trip down the memory lane and reminisce about the days of the product catalogs. Does anyone remember the old Macy’s catalogs? It was basically a

5 crucial data warehouse testing checklists

5 crucial data warehouse testing checklists

You probably use checklists to record and efficiently execute a wide range of daily work tasks. But if you don’t use data warehouse testing checklists for developing and monitoring your data warehouse quality assurance (QA), you’re missing an enormous boost in productivity and proficiency. Procedural