14 must have data governance artifacts

I know it’s not easy to put the necessary foundation in place for a successful data governance program, not to even mention the data governance artifacts / deliverables. On the foundation piece, I’m referring to the:

Let’s assume you have all this figured out and if not, you can get some clarity by starting to read the resources referenced above. The next question you might ask yourself is:

What are some of the must have data governance artifacts my program should yield?

By artifacts, of course, you and I mean data governance deliverables. Well, it depends on the drivers and priorities of your program, but these are the 14 must have artifacts which your data governance program will output:

14 data governance artifacts

  1. Standards
  2. Policies
  3. Data quality processes/ procedures
  4. Business processes/ procedures
  5. Business glossary
  6. Data owners & stakeholders RACI matrix
  7. Data quality issues log
  8. Data quality scorecard
  9. Data governance scorecard
  10. Data sources inventory
  11. Data classification
  12. Data model
  13. Data catalog
  14. Data dictionary

I will start addressing these in further details within future articles. Meanwhile, please read the available content and let me know which ones of the above would interest you most.


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