BEST of the BEST

A Lights On Data Show Event

Brought to you by the co-hosts of the Lights On Data Show, the Best of the Best virtual event will feature speakers and companies that are leaders in their field.

The 4 hour long event will contain 10 minute speaking sessions that will deliver engaging data topics. Each session will address the best of the best in data, such as best practices, best recommendations, top know-hows, etc.

We'll have giveaways, games, networking and live talks with Q&A. It's FREE to attend. Just register below:

This FREE event brought to you by the co-hosts of the Lights On Data Show

will be on March 14th, 2023 between 11 AM - 3 PM ET

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March 14th, 2023

11 AM - 3 PM ET 


Streamed on

LinkedIn Live and YouTube Live


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About George & Diana

George & Diana Firican have been the co-hosts of the Lights On Data Show since its inception. Together with their guests they both enjoy putting the lights on various data topics. 

Diana has been ranked #1 Global Thought Leader in Diversity & Inclusion and is a brilliant change management professional. Her warm and fun personality always brings the best out of the guest speakers and that makes her the perfect co-host.

George's innovative approach to addressing data challenges received international recognition through award-winning program implementations in data governance, data quality, business intelligence and data analytics. His inquisitive nature helps to create engaging conversations with the guest speakers.

They also have a cat that sometimes makes uninvited appearances. 

What Lights On Data Show listeners have to say

Great learning nuggets for data lovers

"Enjoying these conversations and mini-lessons from industry leaders and data professionals. Each guest is unique and addresses a different data topic in their own way."

It is really a light

"George has a great interview style, allowing the guests plenty of space to tell their story, while providing insights along the way. These episodes give content relevant to much more than just data science, with terrific subjects applicable to anyone working in technology. A must add to any playlist!"

Learn from BEST of the BEST

Register and attend this 4hr FREE live event on March 14th at 11 AM ET. 

You will be able to network with your peers, learn from industry leaders, have a chance to win some awesome giveaways, and have fun.