Do a quick google search and you’ll quickly realize that no one can really agree on the true origins of the term ‘Big Data’. Some argue that it has been around since the early 1990s, crediting American computer scientist John R Mashey, considered the ‘father of big data’, for making it popular. Others believe it was …read more

George: Hello everybody and welcome on the Lights On Data Show. This is episode 1 of season 3. This year, we’re going to cover, quantum computing and AI, machine learning, data science, data governance, data management, and so much more. And today’s topic is very special to me because of something that I’m very interested …read more

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted…Albert Einstein. Table Of Contents 1The data deluge and the concept of critical data elements2Some key data concepts3Data quality4What data is important?5Impact of data on the bottom line The data deluge and the concept of critical data elementsThe digital age is …read more

This article includes essential knowledge about big data technology and what it is about. Its working process, types, advantages, the leading technologies, and prospects are all mentioned briefly. Read till the end to find out all about it. Table Of Contents 1Top 11 Big Data technologies in 20211.1What Is Big Data technology?1.2Components of Big Data …read more

Data is (arguably, depending on who you talk to) the most important asset that any organization has. Well, people are the most important asset, but that should be implied, right? Alright, data is one of the most important assets. Data governance helps to ensure that data is usable, accessible, and protected and treats data as …read more

How about a quick intro into Natural Language Processing (NLP) for documents? Join this episode with our guest, Nina Hristozova, Data Scientist (AI & NLP) at Thomson Reuters. We’ll learn more about NLPs and their applications and challenges, but also their current usage in documents and text based formats. George: Hello, everybody. Welcome on the …read more

Why do we enjoy stories? What forms the basis of a story? Why and how should we pick up storytelling skills?We are joined by a Leadership Story Coach, Denise Withers who will teach us how to master storytelling as well as master data storytelling. George: Hi everyone and good data morning. Have a wonderful morning …read more

The constantly growing volumes of data within the business industry have crowned data visualization as an essential aspect for the growth and development of businesses. This article goes through a comprehensive range of concerns explaining how to implement and use data visualization techniques and tools within the business surrounding. Let’s get started! Table of Contents …read more

Determining your data domains is an important part of your data strategy. So what is a data domain?  It actually can mean a couple of things, depending if we look at it from the point of view of data management and database management, or if we look at it from the point of view of data …read more

Superposition, entanglement, and interference. Join us on this episode as we’re learning more about quantum computing and what the future holds for us. This episode’s guest is Sahar Ben Rached. She is a Research Master’s candidate in Nanotechnology at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis. She is currently a Quantum Computing research intern at the IPE, …read more