Big data is one of the most valuable sources of information for every organization. Depending on the data insights generated from data analysis, companies can adjust their products, offering customers more personalized and tailored services. Approximately 45% of businesses across the globe have identified the power of data visualization and are currently dealing with their …read more

Data catalogs are here to stay and a great asset to data-driven organizations. But how do you best implement a data catalog? In this episode, Rupal Sumaria joins us to explore how to implement a data catalog. Rupal is the Head of Data Governance at Penguin Random House in the UK, which successfully implemented a data …read more

Why do so many data governance programs fail? What are those common pitfalls that we can avoid, and what approaches work better?In today’s episode, we have a conversation with Shinji Kim on how to do data governance better. She is the Founder and CEO of Select Star, an intelligent data discovery platform that automatically analyzes …read more

“The ability to effectively communicate and telling a story with data is no longer a luxury in today’s economy; it is a necessity.”In today’s show, we dive into the steps to provide effective data storytelling, dashboard versus a data story, insight versus observation, the importance of the narratives, colors, and emotions, and how to avoid …read more

What does the future hold for data? Today, it is everywhere. Our world is filled with it: from the data that we generate ourselves, to the data that is generated by machines. It’s in our pockets, our cars, our homes, and even in our offices. Consequently, there’s an opportunity to monetize this data, not just …read more

A particular department has the responsibility of both onboarding new customers and cancellation of customer policy upon the customer’s request. Their KPIs are based on the number of new customers they have onboarded and no KPI is attached to those of cancellation. This is reasonable, every organization wants to grow. In a way, no one …read more

Data is often at the center of transformative policy change. Disaggregated data is one of the key strategies different government agencies within Canada are pursuing to better understand marginalized communities and deliver services to them. An example of this is Statistics Canada’s implementation of its Disaggregated Data Action Plan.What is disaggregated data?Disaggregated data is the …read more

We are living in a data-driven world where data is produced everywhere. It is a currency that is not going away. However, Data is just data if it just sits there. Nothing happens unless action is taken, and that’s Analytics. In today’s episode, we speak to Jordan Morrow, the godfather of Data literacy, advisory board member …read more

With great passion, you can make the impossible happen. No matter all the circumstances surrounding your dream, go for it. In today’s episode, we have a conversation with Christina on building a data science career against all odds. She is a well-known data voice and host of a book a week challenge. She developed her analytics …read more

There’s a lot of buzzwords in data, but ‘data intelligence’ isn’t one of them. I’ll give you the right to rebuttal, but data intelligence is hugely important. Very simply, it’s about helping organizations make better business decisions based on their data. Not to be confused with business intelligence, data intelligence is the ability of organizations to …read more