Learning and acquiring the skills required to be a data scientist can be hard and sometimes cost-prohibitive. Some courses and some tools are definitely expensive. But you shouldn’t let this deter you from achieving your goal of becoming a data scientist or improving your existing skill set. There are some great FREE resources out there …read more

Change is the only constant in business, and it’s up to leaders to make sure their employees are on board with it. If your company wants to succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment, it’s critical that employees learn how to adapt and thrive in the face of change. So, how do you encourage this kind …read more

Data is the new oil. It’s everywhere and growing fast. The key to success lies in creating a data community that brings together all stakeholders from across the organization and gives them visibility into what each other is doing with data. But with all this excitement surrounding data, how do you make sure that your …read more

We often hear of date quality and data governance belonging together. That one cannot have good data quality without data governance. And that by doing data governance we achieve data quality. How so? What does that mean?What is the relationship between data governance and data quality? Or are they the same thing? Let’s find out. …read more

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Lee Feinberg, the Chief Data Officer and the creator of the concept, “Intent Before Content.” Lee shares tips on how you can create data visualization that sticks with your audience and clearly convey the intended message. But all these, as he puts it, all starts with the intent and …read more

Data is one of the most critical assets for any company, and it is the key to success in many different sectors. Data analysis is a vital part of many companies’ business operations. Today, extensive data analysis is a crucial business tool. How businesses run and advertise their products across various industries is continually evolving. …read more

The process of creating a successful data strategy depends on key players of the organization. For the business to succeed you need a data strategy that is in line with the business strategy, of course keeping in mind the business goals, vision, and mission. Data strategy has key pillars such as data management, privacy, and …read more

Big data is one of the most valuable sources of information for every organization. Depending on the data insights generated from data analysis, companies can adjust their products, offering customers more personalized and tailored services. Approximately 45% of businesses across the globe have identified the power of data visualization and are currently dealing with their …read more

Data catalogs are here to stay and a great asset to data-driven organizations. But how do you best implement a data catalog? In this episode, Rupal Sumaria joins us to explore how to implement a data catalog. Rupal is the Head of Data Governance at Penguin Random House in the UK, which successfully implemented a data …read more

Why do so many data governance programs fail? What are those common pitfalls that we can avoid, and what approaches work better?In today’s episode, we have a conversation with Shinji Kim on how to do data governance better. She is the Founder and CEO of Select Star, an intelligent data discovery platform that automatically analyzes …read more