Table Of Contents Questions you are askedQuestions to ask the interviewer 1. What stage is your data governance program in? 2. What were the main factors for making other programs successful at their company?  3. How do you define your company culture?4. What is your vision for the data governance program? 5. What resources would be available …read more

As most of us already know, the data governance sponsor plays a critical role in the success of a data governance program. Without sponsorship, data governance often fails. But, we have to be a bit picky here and not just go for any sponsor. Here’s is one main guiding criteria in selecting a sponsor:”Choose someone at …read more

In this article we’ll go through the type of questions that you might get in a data governance interview that are meant for the interviewer to better gauge your previous data governance experience. Similar to the of the article on the Data governance Interview Questions and Answers – Part 1 these questions have been compiled from …read more

Do you need to prepare for a data governance interview? Here are the most 5 asked data governance interview questions that you can expect to be asked. And not only that, but I’ll also tell you how you could answer these questions.How did I come up with these questions?First and foremost I’ve compiled this list …read more

This is an article for those who graduated or about to graduate from a Data Analytics program. Those who can be honest enough with themselves to admit that they are not the most technically talented people in the room but who are still hoping to find a job as analysts. I am hoping there are …read more

You need top-level management involvement to improve the quality of your data. Fact! It’s not enough for the IT manager to support your initiatives in improving the quality of your data. Thinking otherwise, won’t get your data quality efforts too far.  Even if you’re not part of IT, your department’s manager understands the need to …read more

 Data governance is the foundation of all data management programs. It is an essential disciple that supports all other data management knowledge areas like Data Literacy, Data Warehousing, Business Analytics, Big Data, Master Data Management and many others. Data governance has 10 key components that exist to meet the enterprise’s data management requirements for each …read more

Table of Contents 1. Reduce Data Redundancy2. Minimizing Security Risks3. Improving Data QualityDon’t miss an opportunity…  What’s the return on investment from data governance? As the result of Coronavirus, demand for data governance is increasing, and this is all at a time where resources are scarce, which means now, more than ever, stakeholders need to …read more

Table of Contents Business driversResourcesFrameworkIndustryConclusion Is this you? You understand the benefits of using a Data Governance Maturity Model, you want to use one, but you don’t know which one to go for. Understandably so, because there are plenty out there.  Out of the more notable ones, here are the ones we’ve covered so far:Stanford’s Data …read more