Is a business dictionary not the same as a business glossary? They are similar, but not the same. Both of these artifacts have the same purpose, what differs is some of the rules that govern them. Let’s uncover what these are. Table of Contents How is a business dictionary different?Governing rulesPreference between business dictionary and

The difference between data management and data governance should be easily understood by any professional, especially one working in the data field. Unfortunately, even though there’s a lot of information out there about these topics, I feel that they create more confusion that clarification. So let’s understand what the difference is between data management and data

As you might know, I’m putting together a lot of content and creating online courses on data governance drawn from my own practical experience as a data governance professional. Knowing what I know now, I want to share with you how I would learn data governance if I had to start over.  Before we get into

Modern companies are increasingly turning to data-driven solutions to offer better products and services. According to TechTrend’s review on global data use, we created 2.5 quintillion data bytes daily in 2020; this means there is more data now than ever to extract value from. Moreover, the field of data analytics has also expanded rapidly. Data

Today I’m did a bit of gardening. As I was planning the work in my head, I realized there were quite a few analogies between data governance and gardening. So let’s use the gardening analogy to understand how we could establish a good data governance program.1. Understanding the driver In my garden we’re sharing a

Table Of Contents Questions you are askedQuestions to ask the interviewer 1. What stage is your data governance program in? 2. What were the main factors for making other programs successful at their company?  3. How do you define your company culture?4. What is your vision for the data governance program? 5. What resources would be available

As most of us already know, the data governance sponsor plays a critical role in the success of a data governance program. Without sponsorship, data governance often fails. But, we have to be a bit picky here and not just go for any sponsor. Here’s is one main guiding criteria in selecting a sponsor:”Choose someone at

In this article we’ll go through the type of questions that you might get in a data governance interview that are meant for the interviewer to better gauge your previous data governance experience. Similar to the of the article on the Data governance Interview Questions and Answers – Part 1 these questions have been compiled from

Do you need to prepare for a data governance interview? Here are the most 5 asked data governance interview questions that you can expect to be asked. And not only that, but I’ll also tell you how you could answer these questions.How did I come up with these questions?First and foremost I’ve compiled this list