It is encouraging to see the level of emerging focus on the data-centric enterprise, putting data, at least, near the forefront on the business mindset. But how do we keep such a step change true to itself? If we continue with the same behaviours, will we not just keep getting the same results? The Data

Decisions in today’s organizations have become increasingly data-driven and real-time. Therefore, the business intelligence databases that support decision makers must be of exceptional quality. We sometimes confuse testing a data warehouse that produce business intelligence (BI) reports with backend or database testing or with testing the BI reports themselves. Data warehouse testing is much more

Do you want to be  successful data steward? This question sounds like a sales pitch, it’s not. If you want to be a successful data steward, you need to have these 4 sets of skills. You need to have the business know-how and experience, technical skills, analysis skills and interpersonal skills. OK, so you’re basically

Data Scientists can now create Garbage from Truth itself!!! I call it TIGO : Truth In Garbage OutIs the worthy discipline of Data Management and it’s wiser sidekick Data Governance fighting a losing battle? Well it might just be…because now you can dedicate much effort to getting such foundational stuff right and have it all

In the first article of this series on DW/BI regression testing, DW/BI regression test planning was defined accordingly: Testing performed after developing functional improvements or repairs to data and reports. Its purpose is to determine if changes have regressed other attributes of data and reports. A repetition of tests intended to show that the software’s

While almost every country in the world is struggling to keep up with the consequences of the deadly COVID-19 disease spread, efforts continue to find a cure or a vaccine or, at the least, methods that can limit the uncontrolled multiplication of the virus. The dilemma that many countries face today is twofold – explore

Let’s get to the point where effort creates agreed value…I’m always very encouraged when professionals from different architectural disciplines can converge on common ground. This can be rare event, so when it does happen, I like to call it out. Such an event has happened recently with a contact coming from the Business Architecture discipline,

Regression testing on large data integration DW/BI development projects is challenging. The number of test cases is often massive and many change impacts may be widely spread. For high-level integration regression testing, the retest-all approach is always time and resource consuming. To counter challenges with regression testing, this article proposes test scenarios based on changes

Technology and distributed work environments are making businesses and startups operate on a global scale. With the advent of new channels of communication, a crucial challenge that remains is the need to communicate and be precisely understood by your own teams within the organization. Many global enterprises are recognizing and addressing this need with a

The need for a Master Data Management (MDM) implementation exists for any company capturing the same data about the same entity, but storing it in different systems. I’ve seen organizations invest in MDM when they only had 2 separate applications with some overlapping master data and other larger organizations having to cope with hundreds of