Do you need to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? As the video below, shows there are a few things you need to establish in order to achieve compliance. Data classification is an important part of the foundation needed for auditing and reviewing your data as well as establishing an organization wide awareness

What is data stewardship? Discussing data stewardship with seasoned data governance practitioners can yield different definitions and understandings of what it is. Some use the two terminologies, data governance and data stewardship, interchangeably, which can make it even more confusing. In my own opinion, they are definitely not the same. For a revision on data

Deciding what the operating model your organization will adopt is part of the initial steps in setting up your data governance program. Why? The most important reasons I see are the fact that:  It outlines how your program will operate Sets the expectations of escalation and decision making as well as program oversight Provides the

Data governance can be a topic of hardship for any enterprise without such a program, but also with one in the works or at different maturity stages. There are a lot of success factors which need to be met to coast through and achieve a highly mature data governance program while the variables keep changing.

I’m a strong believer that communication is one of the vital ingredients for any successful implementation and deployment of a Business Intelligence, Data Governance or overall Data Management program.  Your Business Intelligence, Data Governance or Data Management strategy should have a communication plan as one of its deliverables. If you haven’t done one already or

Templates for data models can be found for different industries, such as education and learning, healthcare, energy and utilities, banking and financial markets, insurance, telecommunications, retail, aviation, and more others. As a quick FYI, these are often put together by standards bodies or vendors of different systems and databases. They can also go by different

In any domain in any organization, great dashboards are valuable not only because they can sum up important information and offer a single view of data, but also because they are simple to use and offer a quick, unambiguous way to draw meaningful conclusions from data. Developing and designing such powerful dashboards does not come

Having accurate and current addresses for your constituents is one of the most important thing in your database. You’re using this information to engage with them, solicit them, inform them, communicate with them, and learn more about them in order to develop and evolve a two-way relationship. So why don’t we then have good addresses?