Learn to Create an Award-Winning

Business Glossary

Learn step-by-step how to implement an easy to use and efficient Business Glossary that users will adopt and management will praise.

Bonus Content!
The ~6 hrs of content now includes a BONUS chapter on Operating Models.

You need to implement a Business Glossary or improve the one you have, but don't know how to do it best

The need for a Business Glossary is clear, but the steps and best practices on implementing and maintaining one are not

Have you been tasked to create a Business Glossary or have you identified the need for developing one for the organization? Do you know where to start and what steps to take to implement a Business Glossary that fits your needs?

A Business Glossary should not only be built, but also highly adopted and used. Plus that's only part of the problem. What if you need to get a sponsor for it, buy-in and budget assigned, develop a business case for it, create unambiguous and consistent definitions and terms, select the right tool, ensure it isn't filled with poor quality content, maintained in a sustainable fashion, and so on? How do you do all that?

The information about best practices on how to address the challenges above is scattered, scarce, and incomplete. 

Not to mention that there's an overall confusion on what a Business Glossary is and how it differs, or not, from a Business Dictionary, Data Dictionary, Data Catalog, and so on.

Sure, there is content out there about Business Glossaries, but the truth is that it is hard to gather meaningful information and practical takeaways out of it all. Plus, most content comes from vendors and no, buying a tool is not the answer, but only a part of the solution.

You don't want to waste time on trial and error, nor your energy and organization resources on bad practices. There's no need to re-invent the wheel. 

Introducing the Online Course on:

The Ultimate Guide on Creating a Business Glossary 

This online course addresses your questions and challenges on what steps to take to successfully deliver an efficient and highly adopted Business Glossary. Plus the lessons are built in such a way to make your learning experience simple, engaging, fun, and above all easy to remember.

I mean, who wants to just stare at presentation slides? This course has plenty of video lessons and of course exercises, practical templates and other resources. Take it at your own pace and learn how to create an award-winning Business Glossary.

New content! 

The ~6 hrs of content now includes a BONUS chapter on Operating Models.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This course has about six (6) hours of content in the form of video lessons, real-life examples, exercises, practical templates and other resources. Take it at your own pace and take advantage of the following benefits to learn how to create an award-winning Business Glossary and become a Business Glossary expert:

Step-by-Step Instructions and Advice

In addition to the theoretical materials, the course contains step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense advice to walk you through the entire process and set of best practices for delivering an efficient Business Glossary that users will adopt and leadership will praise.

Award-Winning Implementations

The lessons draw from award-winning and successful implementations of Business Glossaries, but also failures, best practices from other data governance professionals, as well as external resources, such as the National Information Standards Organization and the International Organization for Standards.

Practical Takeaways

The lessons provide you with a lot of practical takeaways, as well as templates, that you can start applying right away to build your Business Glossary or improve the one you have.

On-Demand Learning

The course has about 5 hours of video content, plus written content and templates, but you can take your courses at your own time and pace. Remember that you have unlimited access to existing and future content and any upcoming updates.

Here’s what people are saying about the in-person version of this online course

 The following reviews are drawn from the in-person and online versions of this course

Claire Laws

Data Governance

I would highly recommend it

This course is the A to Z of how to build a great Business Glossary. It covers everything you need to know and also the things to avoid.


After attending this course I was able to use the material to create the right Business Glossary for my company and we are now able to ensure our definitions are accurate and complete.


I would highly recommend it, whether you’re just starting out building a new Glossary, or if you already have a Business Glossary that needs to be improved.

Wendy Wu

Data Governance Lead

It will help me implement a successful business glossary

I think that most data governance topics aren't easy to teach in an engaging manner, but I have found this to be very interesting and never boring. The course content is thorough and detailed that I can draw from to help me implement a successful business glossary in the future. There a lot of things in there that never even crossed my mind and I really appreciate the templates.

At the same time I feel that it will also enable me to become a better DG  practitioner.

I highly recommend and encourage anyone who works in the data governance space or wants to learn more about it to go for this course.

Gabriel Reyes

Data Steward

Includes everything you need to build, launch and maintain a Business Glossary

My biggest struggle was trying to get the Business Glossary off the ground after pausing the efforts on it several times in the past 6 months. There were too many factors to consider and we didn't  want to just launch a "good enough" tool.

I took the "in-person" version of this course and it has changed everything for me. It provided me with the clear steps that I needed to take in order to see this project through and the guidelines and best practices needed to ensure the content of the glossary is great and that our colleagues are using it.

I would recommend the Business Glossary course, because it includes everything you need to build, launch and maintain a Business Glossary or enhance the one that you have. Plus a lot of great know-how on how it fits in with a data dictionary and a data catalog.

What is covered in the Business Glossary Online Course?

Here are the 8 modules, each with plenty of lessons, to cover all topics needed for you to become a business glossary expert. 


Module 1: The Basic Concepts

Introduction to the Business Glossary, other artifacts such as the Data Dictionary and Data Catalog, and the relationship between them.


Module 2: The Why - The Reasons for Investing in a Business Glossary

The benefits, reasons, and advantages brought by implementing a business glossary or improving the one you have. We'll also go over the cost of misunderstanding (or not having a business glossary).


Module 3: The How - Step 1: Get Buy-In, Sponsor, and Resources

All you need to know about developing a business case, securing a sponsor, and potential funding models. These how-to's come in handy for any project, but especially if you need to develop a Business Glossary or improve the one you have.


Module 4: The How - Step 2: Determine and Adopt Best Practices

Determining the naming and definitions guidelines in order to secure state of the art content. Understand what attributes to include in your first iteration and then subsequent ones. Choose the life-cycle and workflow to follow and what metrics to track and report on.


Module 5: The How - Step 3: Identify Available and Future Content

It's time to put those best practices to good use and start filling your Business Glossary with content. Where do you start? Let's look at the potential sources for identifying the available and future content.


Module 6: The How - Step 4: Select a Tool

Even though the course is tool agnostic, we'll look objectively at the criteria for selecting the right tool for your organization and also what low-budget options you can go for.


Module 7: The How - Step 5: Apply Change Management Practices

In order to ensure a high adoption rate to your business glossary, change management initiatives are required. Let's find out about change management practices that work well.


Module 8: BONUS

Lessons learned from successful and failed implementations, operational models, and other key takeaways to increase the value of your business glossary.

MORE Bonus

You'll get so much more than the above!

Besides all the great content available in each one of the modules described above you will also benefit from the following bonuses:

Bonus 1
Practical Templates

You will be able to access practical templates to download and adapt to your own needs and your organization's. Some are even pre-filled with sample content.

It doesn't get easier that this.

Bonus 2
Free Access to the Teacher

For each lesson you can post your questions to be answered by fellow practitioners and/or the teacher. 

Additionally, there will be at least one video lesson covering common pitfalls & recommendations drawn from successful and failed implementations. 

About George Firican,
the Course Teacher

George is a passionate advocate for the importance of data, a frequent conference speaker and a YouTuber, being ranked among Top 5 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Big Data, Digital Disruption and Top 15 on Innovation.

His innovative approach to data governance received international recognition through several award-winning program and project implementations, including awards for developing Business Glossaries.

George advises customer organizations on how to treat data as an asset, and shares his practical takeaways on social media, at conferences, and various industry sites and publications.  

George has been a Data Governance and Data Management practitioner for more than 12 years and he loves to create informative, practical and engaging educational content sharing it with individuals such as yourself. George is the proud founder of LightsOnData.com and co-host of the Lights On Data Show.

Here’s what people are saying about the course teacher

Linda Davis

Metadata Governance Coordinator

Any student would be lucky to have him as an instructor

George is the type of person who is very professional and knowledgeable and, at the same time, friendly, easy-going and fun to be around. Any student would be lucky to have him as an instructor.

I'm looking forward to seeing him again at conferences, because his presentations are always such an eye-candy and full of no-fluff, practical content.

Klaus Weber 

IT Director

A Data Governance leading voice you should listen to

I think George is one of the today’s leading voices in Data Governance. He addresses the important questions and issues in our field and offers great answers and solutions. I always enjoy his articles and videos and if you haven't seen them already, I recommend that you do.

Jose Santiago


You need to follow George

George’s content is really good. I’ve learned a lot from his videos and also used his templates on a couple of occasions. He is really practical with his tips.

If you’re a data professional, you need to follow George on LinkedIn and YouTube.

The Best Business Glossary Course You Will Find - Available Now at a Great Price

This online course is the smartest, most cost effective, and time saving option of learning how to implement and improve an efficient and highly adopted business glossary. It is developed to be a 1-stop-shop:

  • The most up-to-date, complete and relevant knowledge and best practices on business glossaries
  • Practical templates you’ll be able to use and adapt right away to your organization
  • An engaging and fun learning experience with George Firican, your friendly data guy, who is great at turning dry knowledge into digestible and enjoyable bites

Plus this online course is the better way of learning:

  • At your own pace
  • From the comfort of your home or office, or anywhere you want to (it's mobile friendly, too)
  • With unlimited access to the material

What would be the other options?

  • Reinventing the wheel: The long route, because it involves a lot of trial and error. It’s time, money and energy consuming. Plus you can lose trust from your organization if this is not done right the first time around.
  • Getting consulting services:  The equivalent of consulting services hours (~ 6 hrs) would cost you anywhere between $750 to $2,100 or more. You probably would still have follow-up questions and if you wanted to revisit your learning, you'll need to book more hours.
  • Hiring someone to do it for you: It’s the most expensive approach and far from being fail proof, because ultimately no one knows the organization as you do. Additionally, you lose the business knowledge and will be unable to replicate and often even to maintain it. Not to mention that this engagement would end up costing you at least $10,000.

This online course gives you the tools you need to implement a successful business glossary or significantly improve your current one, with the least investment of time, money and energy. You will become the Business Glossary expert in your organization.

Bonus Content!
The ~6 hrs of content now includes a BONUS chapter on Operating Models.

Practical Data Governance: Implementation Course




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Practical Data Governance: Implementation Course +
Business Glossary
Practical Data Governance: Implementation
Course +
Data Governance Maturity Models




Regular Price: $748

  • Lifetime Access
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t like the Business Glossary Course for any reason, or if you feel it wasn’t worth your investment or even if you just want your money back for no reason at all, we’ve got you covered. Purchase today and you can simply ask for a refund anytime within the next 30 days. Our support team will process your refund, no questions asked.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say

about the course

Louis Smith

Data Management Director, STU

Great practical takeaways

Although I have a fairly good handle on the best practices for delivering several data management artifacts, including the Business Glossary, I was surprised by many new and interesting best practices that we did not consider before. I particularly enjoyed the usage of examples from George's personal experience and those of other experts - they are always delivering the message home.

I can't stress enough the great practical takeaways that George presented and his disponibility to answer any follow-up questions I had. I recommend enrolling in this course when you have the chance.

Anca Stefan

Senior Data Steward, Adevarul Holding 

Plenty of positive reviews

I had the privilege to take part of the in-person training with George and I see that the online content available here is as much of an engaging and fun learning experience as the one I had.

I didn't expect to enjoy the content as much as I did, so I'm glad I went for it. I found the materials and content to be very useful in identifying what we could do to improve our Business Glossary and deliver a second iteration of it that got plenty of positive reviews from throughout the organization. 

Razvan Serbu

Owner, Netpress Consulting

A lot of AHA moments that we're already applying

The course, so far, provided us with a lot of AHA moments that we're already applying in making our Business Glossary more efficient and easier to maintain.

I recommend not skipping over the introductory lessons, even though you might think you know the content. It's chuck-full of great content.

This is one of the best online courses in this domain that I've taken so far.

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Is the course only applicable to specific industries? 

Can I take the course on my phone or tablet as well? 

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Practical Data Governance: Implementation Course




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Practical Data Governance: Implementation Course +
Business Glossary
Practical Data Governance: Implementation
Course +
Data Governance Maturity Models




Regular Price: $748

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to Future Updates
  • Access to All Modules
  • All Bonuses Included


I created this course with you as a customer in mind

As we live in a fast-paced world, the requirements from us, the data professionals, are growing. Treating data as an asset is essential and we are the agents to a future where everyone should understand this. Unfortunately, we often don’t have the leverage we need to cope with these challenges and a lot of what we do is considered as new territory. I know how you feel!

I dedicated my work in general, and this course, in particular, to save you time, to make you knowledgeable, be in-charge and feel confident of your deliverables. At the end of this course you will be able to create a new Business Glossary or significantly improve your existing one, and ready to use the newly acquired knowledge in all your data projects and initiatives.

Thanks for doing what you do! I’ll see you on the other side.

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