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ETL test automation dwh bi free white paper

ETL test automation for DWH and BI – free white paper

When your organization depends on business intelligence reporting, you will need a high level of process automation within your DWH/BI application development. When you can build automation into your DWH development process, you will need fewer highly skilled people to perform tedious and repetitive testing

3 new ideas improving datawarehouse lifecycle quality process

3 new ideas on improving the data warehouse lifecycle quality process

Data warehousing for business intelligence and “big data initiatives” continues to gain significance as organizations become more aware of the benefits of decision oriented data warehouses. However, a key issue, with the rapid development and implementation of data warehouses, is that data quality defects are

6 goals BI program

6 must-have goals of your Business Intelligence program

To get a successful business intelligence (BI) program started, I believe it should aim to address and abide by the following 6 goals: 1. Information must be easily accessible End users must be able to access information in a timely fashion so that their timely

3 key data integrity testing strategies for DW/ BI

3 key data integrity testing strategies for DW/ BI systems

Data warehousing and business intelligence users assume, and need, trustworthy data.In the Gartner Group’s Online IT Glossary, data integrity and data integrity testing are defined as follows:Data Integrity: the quality of the data residing in data repositories and database objects. The measurement which users consider

how to identify reduce DW BI data quality risks

How to identify and reduce DW/ BI data quality risks

An introduction to DW/ BI data quality risk assessmentsData warehouse and business intelligence (DW/ BI) projects are showered with risks – from data quality in the warehouse to analytic values in BI reports. If not addressed properly, data quality risks can bring entire projects to

what is ad hoc reporting

What Is ad hoc reporting?

Ad hoc means “for this” in Latin and refers to something done for a specific purpose. Ad hoc reporting, then, is the process of creating reports for a specific occasion (as opposed to for general use). In business intelligence, ad hoc reporting supplements canned reports