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kalido maturity model

Data governance maturity models – Kalido

So far I’ve provided an overview on 6 different maturity models which I will post links below in case you’d like to learn more about them. Maturity models can provide a road map to follow in order to advance from one maturity stage/ level to

3 surprising data roles

3 surprising data roles you should know about

Throughout my career and experience within the data management and data governance industries, I always encounter interesting data roles and responsibilities. Is there a lot of overlap? Definitely! That’s why I think it is most important to focus on the meaning of the roles –

3 communication steps

3 communication steps for successful data governance

I believe a lot in the power and benefits of communication. The Project Management Institute estimates that “20% of unsuccessful projects are due to ineffective communications”*. From my own experience and those I’ve interacted with so far, I can also draw the conclusion that communication

drivers for data governance

3 most common data governance drivers

From my interactions with organizations that have mature data governance programs and those still in the planning or early adoption stage, I found there are some common drivers for starting a data governance program and here they are. Which one is yours? Feel free to

data governance model assessment score

Data governance maturity models – Open Universiteit Nederland

Due to popular demand, I’m continuing the series of covering existing data governance maturity models by adding an overview of Open Universiteit Nederland Maturity Model. For a recap of those covered so far, you can find each one here: Stanford’s Maturity Model IBM’s Maturity Model

14 data governance artifacts

14 must have data governance artifacts

I know it’s not easy to put the necessary foundation in place for a successful data governance program, not to even mention the data governance artifacts / deliverables. On the foundation piece, I’m referring to the: initial business case the data governance operational framework maturity