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mistakes to avoid when building data quality program

7 mistakes to avoid when building a data quality program

Similarly to how an organization’s human resources, equipment, and intellectual property are assets, so is data. Managing its quality is essential in order for the organization to be able to rely on it and benefit from it, yet many data quality initiatives tend to fail

3 types of data quality projects a data steward should work on

In  “The trifecta of the best data quality management” article, I’ve addressed why a data quality program is needed and what the recurring steps you should always go through are in order to carry on continuous and sustainable efforts to improve and/ or maintain the quality of your

estimating the cost of poor data quality

Estimating the cost of poor data quality in 5 steps

According to the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub, poor data costs the US economy $3.1 trillion every year. Ovum Research reported that poor data can cost businesses at least 30% of revenues. These numbers are staggering and in my opinion, they should be enough

Data Quality Issue Log

The ultimate guide to a Data Quality issues log

If you’ve already started or planning to start a data governance program to support your data quality improvement goals, you need a structured way of tracking your data quality issues and their status. There are different ways of doing this, of course, with either the

4 data quality myths

4 myths about Data Quality everyone thinks are true

Myth #1: It’s all about fixing the data Data cleansing is a very important aspect of improving data quality, but it’s not the only one. In order to have a sustainable data quality program you can’t just fix the data. You need to understand what

Data Quality Management trifecta

The trifecta of the best data quality management

Data is an enterprise asset, enabling the organization to make informed decisions. In order to secure data’s position as a highly valuable asset, the organization needs to implement a data quality management program. This will achieve and sustain a high level of quality for the