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5 main data roles in data governance

5 main data roles found in data governance programs

I’ve previously wrote about more obscure, though intriguing, data roles I’ve encountered, but I’ve been asked several times to go over the main data roles found in a data governance program. I’ll skip the sometimes dreaded introduction and get straight to it. The 5 main

3 surprising data roles

3 surprising data roles you should know about

Throughout my career and experience within the data management and data governance industries, I always encounter interesting data roles and responsibilities. Is there a lot of overlap? Definitely! That’s why I think it is most important to focus on the meaning of the roles –

data steward's guide to machine learning

Data steward’s guide to machine learning – free white paper

Leading-edge consumer technology companies, such as Google, Amazon, and Netflix, have demonstrated the impact that machine learning can have on the customer experience. These brands have become some of the most valuable in the world by delivering experiences that feel magical to the end consumer

3 communication steps

3 communication steps for successful data governance

I believe a lot in the power and benefits of communication. The Project Management Institute estimates that “20% of unsuccessful projects are due to ineffective communications”*. From my own experience and those I’ve interacted with so far, I can also draw the conclusion that communication

5 data roles you might not know about

5 data roles you might not know about (but should)

Participating as a speaker at different international conferences and being engaged in different data governance communities, provides me with a lot of interactions with data professionals from different industries, countries, and organizational cultures. I’m always interested to know how each organization develops and evolves its

3 types of data quality projects a data steward should work on

In  “The trifecta of the best data quality management” article, I’ve addressed why a data quality program is needed and what the recurring steps you should always go through are in order to carry on continuous and sustainable efforts to improve and/ or maintain the quality of your

data steward types

Understanding the different types of a data steward

Data stewardship roles can be segmented and categorized in multiple ways, depending on their responsibilities and required skills, as well as the organization’s structure, industry, goals and objectives and its data management needs. There is also an argument to be made that everyone is a