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pros and cons of the 4th industrial revolution

The pros and cons of the 4th industrial revolution

What better way to start this new century than to go over the pros and cons of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The 4th industrial revolution is a term coined by Professor Klaus Schwab. He is the founder and Executive chairman of the World Economic Forum,

it's the data world we live in

It’s the data world we live in

Data overload In a world where more data is being created than we can shake a stick at (around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day), it’s no wonder that we’ve reached tipping point. Worryingly, many organisations are ill-equipped to deal with the vast

3 ways to leverage EMR data

3 ways you can leverage EMR data

Ever since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Act (PPACA) in 2012, all healthcare providers in the US have been mandated to store patient data in the form of electronic medical records (EMRs). EMRs do away with clunky, paper-based records of patient medical

mining big data helps doctors

Mining Big Data empowers doctors to improve the outcomes

Big Data in healthcare offers a new direction to the current medical models. Especially when it is accompanied with cloud computing, the efficiency of Big Data amplifies. Thanks to Big Data and its boosted utilization, there seems to be a tremendous increase in profit. It