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Learn how to establish and implement your data governance program. Templates included!

40 Lessons - None

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All there is to know about Data Governance Maturity Models.

26 Lessons - None

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Discover all you need to know and do to implement an award-winning Business Glossary or improve the one you have. Welcome to the Business Glossary Course!

62 Lessons - None

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Learn the best practices in data visualization for better data storytelling.

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What previous students had to say:


Finally a easy to understand course of Data Storyteling!

I loved the course, very clear explanations, very good resources and documentation for daily work and really nice content with great examples!

Jose Higuera - BI Expert

Rare and valuable course!

This is the first course I found on Data Governance that I really understood and could imagine myself implementing it while viewing the videos. Other courses only give you disorganized information that you don't know how to use, but this one is certainly a must have. Thanks George!

Oscar Zeledon Masis - Assistant Vice President

Learned a lot from this great course!

I learned a lot from this great course! Looking forward to putting these into practice. I will make use of the templates on our just-starting business glossary project.

Elaine Zawada - Manager Data Governance at Wexner Medical Center

This was excellent!

I thought this was excellent. What I need to is further understand the number of FTE to standup a Data Governance office

Kevin J. Kaps - Chief of Medical Services

I recommend it 100%

This is a good course to learn in a structured method with very crisp and clear and simple explanations of terms concepts along with very useful templates.

I recommend it 100% to anyone wants to start their data governance journey. Thank you so much for designing the course so well.

Bhavani Purighalla - BI Manager

An awesome course

It's an awesome course with clear material and easy to understand. Much appreciated you helping me building data governance in my organization.

Neda Ahmed Al Shehhi - IT Coordinator

The perfect course!

This was the perfect course for understanding what Data Governance is and what it is not in a one stop shop. The pace was perfect and the style of videos with supporting slides and at times supporting documents made it extremely easy to follow. This was a perfect course in my opinion.

Rick Cline - Independent Consultant for Operational and Technology impact for Real Estate Companies

I rate this course a 10!

This course gives the essentials for implementing Data Governance within your organization. It provides templates, additional videos and resources. The content is in-depth and thorough. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest score, I rate this course a 10.

Jenny Erdman - Data Governance Analyst

Great course

Great overview of the different methodologies.

Patricio Cofre - EY Partner


The course was great and I learned a lot that I will be able to carry into my position. One comment is I wish there was additional written content as a lot of the important information is within the audio. Do you offer audio to written notes?

Nancy Foster - Mgr, Data Quality

A great course!

Great course, I really appreciate the pragmatic and clear step-by-step approach. I feel operational now to start with this topic.

Faussurier-Lestiennes Aurélie - Richemont

Great Course on Maturity Assessment

It is always interesting to understand experts perspectives on data and especially on Data Governance maturity. Going through the available models and how to use them is a key information for anyone starting their Data Governance journey or wanting to re-assess their maturity level. Great job George!

Laurent Dresse - Data Governance Evangelist & Head of Consulting

Insightful overview of a large range of DG/DM Maturity Models

Following your request, I am answering your questions above, and include a final remark at the bottom. breadth: positively surprised me, and I really like the chronological order length: positively surprised me, the 23(!) 5-15 min videos makes it easy to go through quality of the content: high. Easy to see the time-effort invested in the compilation + editing Lessons learned: good. Suggest to add an indication of what Models you have used under what circumstances, and what adaptions may have become common in your experience. Teaching style: good to follow, and I like the objective and unbiased coverage of content.

Course helped me:

  • Understand the variety of Maturity Models
  • Confirmed my own interpretation of the usage / adaptation-need of models.
  • And also guided me in the need to understand more of the CMMI model (my preference, because the 5 Categories will resonate with Exec level, while the 25 process areas will resonate with higher mid-level = where the actions are required).

I recommend this course, because for the $-investment, you receive a comprehensive and holistic overview of maturity models that I could never have compiled myself in the amount of time measured in $-investment. So especially as independent Sr Project Manager, this is very very useful.

Koen van der Maarl - Independant Sr Project Manager

Business Glossary: what you need to know

The online business glossary course gives a well-structured overview on all relevant topics to be aware of when starting to deal with a business glossary. The lessons are easy to follow, full of helpful hints and tips and best practice examples. Some good templates are provided. Having in mind the range of data governance activities, the creation of a business glossary is foundational. Only with a unique language for business terms, the same understanding of their meanings, data management can be done effectively. It doesn´t matter if it is on data reports, data quality rules, master data management, data integration or whatever data topic of interest: a good business glossary supports a common language for the business and prevents friction losses in data management. This course shows how a good business glossary can be built to support data governance and data management.

Christiana Klingenberg - Principal Business Consultant Master Data Management

Learned a lot!

I enjoyed George's excellent teaching skills, and learned a lot from a very comprehensive course with lots of examples and very easy to follow. Thank you!

Viviana Bancu - Systems Analyst

Detailed yet simple

Amazing course that explains the intricate side of data governance in a very simple way.
Thank you!

Kateryna Gagaus - Global Furniture group

Wonderful course!

Wonderful course: enlightening and eye-opening.

Joel Bethell - Web Designer

Enjoyed the course

I enjoyed the course and appreciate the lessons learned as well.

Lauren S - Data Strategist

It's really helpful!

The course was really helpful and showed the specifics over the requirements on a Business Glossary. Would really recommend to people who want to start on the process of creating a business glossary in their organization.

Hafeeza Hassan Makda - Data Governance and Quality Analyst

Great Foundational Knowledge

This was an excellent course. It was delivered in small, manageable video segments that allowed for breaks and/or contemplation. The templates were exceptional and ideal since they are difficult to find otherwise. I would recommend the 3-course bundle for anyone looking to implement an enterprise-wide data governance program.

Sean Fordyce - Manager, Talent Analytics and Reporting

A very valuable course

Thank you, George! This was a very valuable course and further formalized the foundational course.

Sarah Kono - Strategic Manager

Excellent course

Excellent course, I really enjoyed the practical aspects of the course and it clearly helps to set up a direction in an organization willing to take Data Management practices to the next level. Thank you!

Victor Adafinoaiei - Senior IT Audit Manager

This course was great

This course was great. We have been working to stand up a strong Data Governance Process and this course provided great guidance for areas to concentrate on.

Kristine McNicholas - Data Management Specialist at PMI

Just perfect!

The length and quality of the course is just perfect. I personally loved the Bonus section - very crisp. Apart from that it is hard to pick as it was beyond my expectation and it truly lived up to its title. The section that I struggled with was Business Glossary , Data Dictionary and Data Catalog. The concept was well explained, but I missed a bit of visual representation of how these 3 hold together . Overall I would say it is a great course and would highly recommend it.

Divya Bhat - Data Governance Lead

A great and very comprehensive course

Thank you, George - this was a great and very comprehensive course!

Sarah Kono - Strategic Manager

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