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Learn how to establish and implement your data governance program. Templates included!

40 Lessons - None

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All there is to know about Data Governance Maturity Models.

26 Lessons - None

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Discover all you need to know and do to implement an award-winning Business Glossary or improve the one you have. Welcome to the Business Glossary Course!

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Learn the best practices in data visualization for better data storytelling.

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What previous students had to say:


An awesome course

It's an awesome course with clear material and easy to understand. Much appreciated you helping me building data governance in my organization.

Neda Ahmed Al Shehhi - IT Coordinator

Great coverage and well articulated

Excellent coverage on the various aspects on Data Governance , the topics are arranged well for consumption and well supported presentation .

Mahesh Rayappa Gundakalle - Head Data Engineering

A solid foundation for data story telling

A good resource not only going through once, but coming back to as a reference. I applied things that I learned immediately in my field, and produced noticeably better looking data stories.

Lance Dofflemyer - Chief Data Scientist

Great Course on Data Governance

Thank you for preparing great course about data governance such as this one. I have learned a lot and enjoyed it very much too.

Joern Ishikawa

A down to Earth training covering the real life obstacles

I loved this course, because it is different than the theoretical courses that assume all would go okay according to the plan. George did a wonderful work explaining what can go wrong and why in every step, with the reasons and actions to take. I wish there were a few use cases or examples of datasets showing how the assessment or implementation can be done, but overall I am very satisfied and would recommend it to everyone. In addition to being a data governance training, this program also covers project management and change management.

Cem Asma - Director of Transformation and Operations

Thorough program

This is a great course for those who are wanting a comprehensive understanding of implementing Data Governance within their organizations! Really enjoyed the course.

Heidi van Wyk - Senior Info Governance Advisor

Very informative

Very informative. Thank you for this course.

Ibidapo Martins - Consultant

Great tips and insights

Very interesting course on the practice of starting a data governance program, with great tips and insights from the perspective of a program manager.

Pierre-Alain Genilloud - Senior Expert

Incredible content

This was a great Data Governance course! Incredible content and well-delivered. The templates are so beneficial and incredible tools! Thank you!

Deanne Tucker - Business Analyst

I highly recommend it

I highly recommend this course.

Fiona Yuen - Head of Data Governance


Excellent! I have acquired a lot of new information and ideas.

Juan Pablo Rey Souto - Data Business Office Manager

A gift from the heavens

In life, the old saying goes "if its too good to be true, its not", but in the case of this course, it's all good and its all true. Thank you for having the ambition to make such a course and thank you for sharing with others.

Bryan Gonzalez - Senior Data Analyst/ Data Governance Lead

Great Course on Maturity Assessment

It is always interesting to understand experts perspectives on data and especially on Data Governance maturity. Going through the available models and how to use them is a key information for anyone starting their Data Governance journey or wanting to re-assess their maturity level. Great job George!

Laurent Dresse - Data Governance Evangelist & Head of Consulting

Very Helpful and I Rate it a 10/10!

Course was very helpful and clearly breaks down the steps of a Data Governance Program Implementation. Provides examples and templates to assist with the Data Governance Program development. Thank you!

Jennifer Tyree - Information Governance Manager - Marshfield Clinic Health

Insightful overview of a large range of DG/DM Maturity Models

Following your request, I am answering your questions above, and include a final remark at the bottom. breadth: positively surprised me, and I really like the chronological order length: positively surprised me, the 23(!) 5-15 min videos makes it easy to go through quality of the content: high. Easy to see the time-effort invested in the compilation + editing Lessons learned: good. Suggest to add an indication of what Models you have used under what circumstances, and what adaptions may have become common in your experience. Teaching style: good to follow, and I like the objective and unbiased coverage of content.

Course helped me:

  • Understand the variety of Maturity Models
  • Confirmed my own interpretation of the usage / adaptation-need of models.
  • And also guided me in the need to understand more of the CMMI model (my preference, because the 5 Categories will resonate with Exec level, while the 25 process areas will resonate with higher mid-level = where the actions are required).

I recommend this course, because for the $-investment, you receive a comprehensive and holistic overview of maturity models that I could never have compiled myself in the amount of time measured in $-investment. So especially as independent Sr Project Manager, this is very very useful.

Koen van der Maarl - Independant Sr Project Manager

Great course!

Great course! I enjoyed the pace and the flow of information was on point. Thank you!

Kimberly Van Laere - Senior Business Process Analyst

Very enjoyable and informative course on implementing Data Governance with great templates

I really enjoyed the course, so much really useful information for the practical implementation of Data Governance, in particular really great templates. I also really like the emphasis on the people side, change management and how to manage different types of people.

Connie - Data Architect

Learned a lot!

I really learned a lot doing this course. Almost have 10 000 words with notes taken. Looking forward to working with data governance as a consultant! My boss tipped me about this course. He did some research into maturity models and came across yours and thought it looked professional.

Hans Markus Jahle - System Developer

A well structured, complete and pleasant online course

I really appreciated to follow the online course on Data Governance Maturity Models. The course is very well structured: as well on content level as in format, short videos which stimulate you each time to watch the next one. The explications of George are very clear and pleasant to listen to. The content is stuffed with practical tips and his own experiences. On top of that there are extra texts and links to interesting information and documents. It really helped me to have a good overview of all types of Data Governance Maturity Models and how to understand their value.

Leen Poppeliers - Consultant

Great Course!

Great Course!

Bajal Mohamed - Head of Data

This is refreshing

I took the 'Data Governance Maturity Model' course from LightsOnData to brush up on Data Governance topics since I had been more focused on the Data Quality side for a couple of years. I also wanted to see what I might have been missing, given that there are a large number of models out there. Maturity Models are back in fashion - if you are a consultant - your clients will expect you to have one to recommend or use during an engagement. If you are a client - you are going to be 'sold' one - so you might as well get an overview of what’s out there.

You likely can't spend time researching all of the Maturity Models, and you certainly won't do that research on your own for better value than the $250 price of this course. George Firican has a relaxed teaching style the suits the content, and you can tell he knows what he is talking about. He inserts a little humor but not so much as to make it comical. This is refreshing because there's a lot of fluff out there right now in training by people who like to make a lot of noise but don't have much substance to bring beyond catchphrases.

George starts with the origins of Maturity Models and why there are scores of them now used in various industries and disciplines. He then dives into eight models that have a specific focus on Data Governance. George doesn’t try to push one model over the other. He even admits and provides backup as to why Maturity Models are hardly scientific, are subjective, and can be very similar. Instead, he spends the later lessons explaining how you might choose one, tips on using them to assess your organization, and considerations for benchmarking.

I took away that none of them are 'bad.' Model selection might be more a factor of whether you are going to use them yourself or whether you are choosing a consultant who only uses that model. Either way, you get plenty in the overview course to be dangerous. Finally, George provides a good set of links throughout the course if you want to delve further. Based on taking this course, I have also purchased the Business Glossary course from Lights on Data. It's next up on my weekend learning agenda.

David Finlay - Product Master Data Governor

I would highly recommend it

This course is the A to Z of how to build a great Business Glossary. It covers everything you need to know and also the things to avoid. After attending this course I was able to use the material to create the right Business Glossary for my company and we are now able to ensure our definitions are accurate and complete.

I would highly recommend it, whether you’re just starting out building a new Glossary, or if you already have a Business Glossary that needs to be improved.

Claire Laws - Data Governance

Great comprehensive course!

This course was very useful as it explains step by step how to implement a business glossary. I appreciated having many real life examples. Thank you!

Marie-Claude Boudreault - Ministry of transportation

Very detail-oriented & easy to follow

Very detail-oriented, easy to follow step by step instructions/content with corresponding templates for individuals ready to hit the ground running on their Data Governance journey.

Thank you for offering a practical course to learn and implement data governance.

Jessie Hundal - Senior Programmer Analyst, Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence, UBC IT

Great course!

Simply put, it was GREAT! Thank you!

Selina Hutchison - Business Analytics Manager

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