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Learn how to establish and implement your data governance program. Templates included!

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All there is to know about Data Governance Maturity Models.

26 Lessons - None

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Discover all you need to know and do to implement an award-winning Business Glossary or improve the one you have. Welcome to the Business Glossary Course!

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Learn the best practices in data visualization for better data storytelling.

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What previous students had to say:


Great course

Thank you for making this great course. I have learned many new things which will become very helpful.

Jörn Ishikawa - Data Governance Manager

Great practical course!

Thank you for this course, I found it very helpful as it is about HOW to implement data governance, with a lot of examples. Thanks George!

Marie-Claude Boudreault - Ministry of transportation

Concise, useful, and easy to grasp

I actually learned more practical, clear to apply concepts, hands-on tools than when I read the DAMA DMBOK2. This course is an accelerator on actualizing the benefits of having Data Governance in the organization. In my first two weeks in my new role as a Data Management Executive, I've used the course's basic concepts, metrics & KPIs, and tools deployment & selection lessons in shaping our roadmap towards becoming an insight-driven organization. Because of this, our top management now fully supports our key data initiatives e.g. Single Source of Truth, DM Fundamentals ( Enterprise Business Glossary and Data Catalog, Data Quality Management).

At first, I wasn’t sure that an online course would guide me well enough to produce tangible results in my first dip into Data Governance, but George really knows his stuff! The video tutorials and downloadable templates are concise, useful, and easy to grasp. Please keep producing such great content to help us data professionals! Thank you!

Aiza-Cecilia Lulu - Data Management Executive

Good overview of the Maturity Models!

I appreciated this in-depth look at the most popular Data Governance Maturity Models.

Elaine Zawada - Data Governance Manager at OSU Wexner Medical Center

5/5 stars!

I found this course is highly productive for the following reasons: less theory, more practical activities are more action-oriented develop the clarity; Understand your role and place; The answer is given for more clarification. Improvement: every program can be improved further. For example, add a case study end to end for the implementation. Discuss any industry for DG standard. Overall great course. Kamran

Kamran Mushtaq - SNB Analyst

10/10 would recommend

This course has provided me with an excellent basis of data governance understanding and start, to implement a data governance program within my own company using the tools provided. The videos were actively engaging and the course/video length was a perfect length to understand the topics presented without losing interest by being too long. The course breadth was extensive and feel I have a holistic view of data governance as a topic. The examples/templates were particularly great, and I'll be using them to help build our own data governance program. I'd recommend this course to anyone wanting the complete data governance picture and a practical start to implementing their own data governance program. Thank you George!

Abe Furlong - Data Engineer

One of the most comprehensive courses on Data Governance

I would rate the course a 5 out of 5. The course sets the right tone with Data Governance being a business program and focuses on the content and questions that need to be answered when standing up a Data Governance Program. I like the way the course helps with change management and technology but doesn't put any shiny objects at the center of the discussion. Well done! Highly recommend this course to data analytics pros who need a structured approach to set up a DG Program.

Anthony Branda - CEO

Enjoyed the course

I enjoyed the course and appreciate the lessons learned as well.

Lauren S - Data Strategist

A well structured, complete and pleasant online course

I really appreciated to follow the online course on Data Governance Maturity Models. The course is very well structured: as well on content level as in format, short videos which stimulate you each time to watch the next one. The explications of George are very clear and pleasant to listen to. The content is stuffed with practical tips and his own experiences. On top of that there are extra texts and links to interesting information and documents. It really helped me to have a good overview of all types of Data Governance Maturity Models and how to understand their value.

Leen Poppeliers - Consultant

Finally a easy to understand course of Data Storyteling!

I loved the course, very clear explanations, very good resources and documentation for daily work and really nice content with great examples!

Jose Higuera - BI Expert

A very valuable course

Thank you, George! This was a very valuable course and further formalized the foundational course.

Sarah Kono - Strategic Manager

A gift from the heavens

In life, the old saying goes "if its too good to be true, its not", but in the case of this course, it's all good and its all true. Thank you for having the ambition to make such a course and thank you for sharing with others.

Bryan Gonzalez - Senior Data Analyst/ Data Governance Lead

Overall I think this course is awesome!

Overall I think this course is awesome! The content of this course is great, I really enjoyed every lesson, especially the sections of selecting the right visuals. Both teachers are excellent, and they provide great examples and resources in every lesson which I appreciate a lot. Every person working with data will be benefited from this course, as we should communicate our findings and insights in a compelling way, so I highly recommend this course. Thank you Donabel and George!

Adriana Parra - Business Intelligence Manager

I recommend this course to others

To be honest, I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube and read many articles, but still was still feeling something is missing. I have learned plenty things from this awesome course, since the stuff being taught is extremely useful for people who have heard and at least have high level understanding about Data Governance Program/Project.

Azer Baghirov - Financial Expert

Clear, concise, and so well delivered!

Thank you so much for this brilliant course! My organization is just starting a Data Governance program (literally just scratching the surface!) and the whole concept is very overwhelming.

Your course was clear, concise, and so well delivered! I feel like I have a great starting point and really good first steps.
Thank you for all of your resources (this course, YouTube, the podcast, etc.). This information is invaluable!

Lauren Fulthorpe - Prospect Management & Research Officer

10/10 Great course, would recommend

As with the Practical Data Governance: Implementation course, George delivers a great encompassing course on the Business Glossary. The lessons were informative, engaging and feel I've come away with the skills needed in order to implement our companies own Business Glossary.
The templates and examples given are a great takeaway for anyone building their own Business Glossary to get started on! I'd recommend this course for anyone creating a Business Glossary or taking part in a data governance program!

Abe Furlong - Data Engineer

Rare and valuable course!

This is the first course I found on Data Governance that I really understood and could imagine myself implementing it while viewing the videos. Other courses only give you disorganized information that you don't know how to use, but this one is certainly a must have. Thanks George!

Oscar Zeledon Masis - Assistant Vice President

Great course!

Frankly speaking, 3 months ago, I did know nothing about the Data Governance Program and topics related to it. However, thanks to this course and the course which I took previously (Practical Data Governance: Implementation), now, I became a person who could support this program within the organization. So, what is the next? Next is the course about Business Glossary, which I waited for with big passion. Hope it will be also at the level it is expected to be. Mr. Firican, huge thanks for these great courses, which I enjoyed and it lightened my way to Data Governance.

Azer Baghirov - Management Information System Expert

Just perfect!

The length and quality of the course is just perfect. I personally loved the Bonus section - very crisp. Apart from that it is hard to pick as it was beyond my expectation and it truly lived up to its title. The section that I struggled with was Business Glossary , Data Dictionary and Data Catalog. The concept was well explained, but I missed a bit of visual representation of how these 3 hold together . Overall I would say it is a great course and would highly recommend it.

Divya Bhat - Data Governance Lead

Insightful and practical

This has been the most insightful Data Governance course I have taken till date. Having worked in Data Governance for a while, I love that I could relate with a lot of the examples and some of the steps outlined are what I could have used in my role for better outcomes. I will recommend this course to every Data Governance enthusiast or professional looking for some improvements or best practices in their Data Governance implementation.

Oyinlola Oresanya - Senior Data Governance Consultant

Soo many maturity models

This is a great overview of a large number of maturity models out there and some good advice on selecting the appropriate model for the organisation and also tips in terms of the cost involved in the assessment. I didn’t realise there are that many models.

Connie - Data Architect

Great Stuff

Thanks for this course. To the point. Concise. Well communicated. Good voice and tone. Nice illustrations. Good content. Very well explained.

Orville Zichterman - Data Management Consultant

Great foundation

I was basically thrown into a position where my team was given the task of helping our client at the VA to stand up data governance at the enterprise level. You can read as many books as you want, pass as many certification exams, etc, but that by no means makes you an expert. Having someone break down things that could work, things that have caused failure, and learning points put a good spin on the information.

Michael D. Miller - Sr Program Manager

Great course!

Great course! Thorough, practical and easy to understand.

Udeme Anosike - Data Integrity Specialist

Great course!

I really liked the business glossary course, it was very informative and easy to follow and I liked the level of detail provided. As my organization is starting on our glossary we were struggling with what to include, this course has helped us decide on what to include and how to move forward. Based on the knowledge and value of this course I have recommended it to some of my colleagues.

Tracey Jean - Data Governance Lead

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