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Learn how to establish and implement your data governance program. Templates included!

40 Lessons - None

Customers Only

All there is to know about Data Governance Maturity Models.

26 Lessons - None

Customers Only

Discover all you need to know and do to implement an award-winning Business Glossary or improve the one you have. Welcome to the Business Glossary Course!

61 Lessons - None

Customers Only

Learn the best practices in data visualization for better data storytelling.

38 Lessons - None

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DATAcated Academy

Courses on data visualization such as:

  • DATAcated storytelling
  • Data to dashboard with Tableau Public
  • Data to dashboard with Power BI
  • Other data to dashboard series

iData Quality Academy

Courses on data quality such as:

  • Getting started with data quality
  • Data cleansing - the basics
  • Advance your data career

Data Science Infinity

Get data scientist coaching in order to:

  • Learn the skills that hiring managers actually want
  • Evolve with the programme
  • Get unlimited access to dedicated support & guidance