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Learn how to establish and implement your data governance program. Templates included!

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All there is to know about Data Governance Maturity Models.

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Discover all you need to know and do to implement an award-winning Business Glossary or improve the one you have. Welcome to the Business Glossary Course!

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Learn the best practices in data visualization for better data storytelling.

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What previous students had to say:


A great course!

This course was thoughtfully designed to help people understand data governance from scratch. George used illustrations that make each concept stick to the brain. Overall, it is a great course.

Quadri Ibrahim - Data Governance Analyst

Very enjoyable and informative course on implementing Data Governance with great templates

I really enjoyed the course, so much really useful information for the practical implementation of Data Governance, in particular really great templates. I also really like the emphasis on the people side, change management and how to manage different types of people.

Connie - Data Architect

Great course

Thank you for making this great course. I have learned many new things which will become very helpful.

Jörn Ishikawa - Data Governance Manager

This is refreshing

I took the 'Data Governance Maturity Model' course from LightsOnData to brush up on Data Governance topics since I had been more focused on the Data Quality side for a couple of years. I also wanted to see what I might have been missing, given that there are a large number of models out there. Maturity Models are back in fashion - if you are a consultant - your clients will expect you to have one to recommend or use during an engagement. If you are a client - you are going to be 'sold' one - so you might as well get an overview of what’s out there.

You likely can't spend time researching all of the Maturity Models, and you certainly won't do that research on your own for better value than the $250 price of this course. George Firican has a relaxed teaching style the suits the content, and you can tell he knows what he is talking about. He inserts a little humor but not so much as to make it comical. This is refreshing because there's a lot of fluff out there right now in training by people who like to make a lot of noise but don't have much substance to bring beyond catchphrases.

George starts with the origins of Maturity Models and why there are scores of them now used in various industries and disciplines. He then dives into eight models that have a specific focus on Data Governance. George doesn’t try to push one model over the other. He even admits and provides backup as to why Maturity Models are hardly scientific, are subjective, and can be very similar. Instead, he spends the later lessons explaining how you might choose one, tips on using them to assess your organization, and considerations for benchmarking.

I took away that none of them are 'bad.' Model selection might be more a factor of whether you are going to use them yourself or whether you are choosing a consultant who only uses that model. Either way, you get plenty in the overview course to be dangerous. Finally, George provides a good set of links throughout the course if you want to delve further. Based on taking this course, I have also purchased the Business Glossary course from Lights on Data. It's next up on my weekend learning agenda.

David Finlay - Product Master Data Governor

What an amazing course

Hello George and Donable! What an amazing course you have created. I highly recommend this course even if you have some background in data visualization and storytelling because the content in the lessons is always something beyond you can usually find. The examples provided are inspiring and really complements the lessons' content. The extensive list of examples and resources is super valuable. The lessons are engaging and mind blowing. Even with the extensive content, the lessons are easy to watch and aren't exhausting. I really enjoyed the course and I highly recommend it. I think the Breaking the Rules lesson was amazing. I also enjoyed the Color Usage and the Selecting the Right Visual series.

Monica Oliveira - Soon to be a data viz developer

Concise, useful, and easy to grasp

I actually learned more practical, clear to apply concepts, hands-on tools than when I read the DAMA DMBOK2. This course is an accelerator on actualizing the benefits of having Data Governance in the organization. In my first two weeks in my new role as a Data Management Executive, I've used the course's basic concepts, metrics & KPIs, and tools deployment & selection lessons in shaping our roadmap towards becoming an insight-driven organization. Because of this, our top management now fully supports our key data initiatives e.g. Single Source of Truth, DM Fundamentals ( Enterprise Business Glossary and Data Catalog, Data Quality Management).

At first, I wasn’t sure that an online course would guide me well enough to produce tangible results in my first dip into Data Governance, but George really knows his stuff! The video tutorials and downloadable templates are concise, useful, and easy to grasp. Please keep producing such great content to help us data professionals! Thank you!

Aiza-Cecilia Lulu - Data Management Executive

Great Stuff

Thanks for this course. To the point. Concise. Well communicated. Good voice and tone. Nice illustrations. Good content. Very well explained.

Orville Zichterman - Data Management Consultant

A very well structured course

If you believe that a Business Glossary should be part of your organization, this course is a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to know more about how to get started, design and implement it and keep it running. Very well structured course and easy to adapt material.

Michael Bendixen - Data Management & Business Analytics Lead

Just what I needed.

I am new to Data Governance. I have watched numerous videos on the subject but this course fits my learning style perfectly. I like the fact that each video length is not too long. I particularly like the fact that I have access to templates which I can use. This course gives me the confidence to seek a Data Governance role. I have already recommended the course to a friend who wanted to learn about Data Governance.

Jimi - Solution Architect


This course gives great structure to the data governance thought process.

Raghavendran Rao - Enterprise Architect

An awesome course

It's an awesome course with clear material and easy to understand. Much appreciated you helping me building data governance in my organization.

Neda Ahmed Al Shehhi - IT Coordinator

Great course!

Frankly speaking, 3 months ago, I did know nothing about the Data Governance Program and topics related to it. However, thanks to this course and the course which I took previously (Practical Data Governance: Implementation), now, I became a person who could support this program within the organization. So, what is the next? Next is the course about Business Glossary, which I waited for with big passion. Hope it will be also at the level it is expected to be. Mr. Firican, huge thanks for these great courses, which I enjoyed and it lightened my way to Data Governance.

Azer Baghirov - Management Information System Expert

I recommend this course to others

To be honest, I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube and read many articles, but still was still feeling something is missing. I have learned plenty things from this awesome course, since the stuff being taught is extremely useful for people who have heard and at least have high level understanding about Data Governance Program/Project.

Azer Baghirov - Financial Expert

A lot of valuable tips

Thanks to this course, I was able to increase my knowledge about Data Governance and different maturity models. I found a lot of valuable tips, both obvious and less obvious to think about while working on this topic in the company.

Monika Tabor - Project Manager

Very detailed course and helpful templates!

I have watched many of the LOD videos on Youtube. I feel that this course was great on the level of implementation.
In some cases, it did feel as though we were just receiving a number of bullet points as opposed to fully fleshed-out concepts, but this might be my view only because I am completely new to this field.

Very detailed course and helpful templates!

Simiso Dlodlo - Project Officer


The course was great and I learned a lot that I will be able to carry into my position. One comment is I wish there was additional written content as a lot of the important information is within the audio. Do you offer audio to written notes?

Nancy Foster - Mgr, Data Quality

Great Foundation

Thank you for a great comprehensive foundation to the field of Data Governance, it was just what I needed to give me the foundational knowledge to build on.

I think this course gave a great foundation for Data Governance. Speaking from someone who albeit a programmer had no experience in the field of Data Governance.

Ricky Brown - Pet Supplies Plus

I would highly recommend it

This course is the A to Z of how to build a great Business Glossary. It covers everything you need to know and also the things to avoid. After attending this course I was able to use the material to create the right Business Glossary for my company and we are now able to ensure our definitions are accurate and complete.

I would highly recommend it, whether you’re just starting out building a new Glossary, or if you already have a Business Glossary that needs to be improved.

Claire Laws - Data Governance

Great coverage and well articulated

Excellent coverage on the various aspects on Data Governance , the topics are arranged well for consumption and well supported presentation .

Mahesh Rayappa Gundakalle - Head Data Engineering

Knowledge and resources that I can actually use at work

It was difficult to find a course on data governance, so I was very happy I found George Firican on YouTube. I enrolled in his courses immediately. Thank you, George, for sharing your experience and expertise, your knowledge and resources that I can actually use at work. I will keep an eye for new courses/ videos.

Viviana Bancu - Systems Analyst

Learned a lot!

I enjoyed George's excellent teaching skills, and learned a lot from a very comprehensive course with lots of examples and very easy to follow. Thank you!

Viviana Bancu - Systems Analyst

Worth every penny

I am so glad that I found this course from George's videos on Youtube. The content was excellent and the perfect amount of time for each module. It allowed for me to fit it into my busy work and parenting schedule and get done in a timely manner. I like George's teaching style it makes the content easy to take in, understand and adopt. We are just starting our data governance program and I feel this course will help steer us in the right direction and course correct from where we currently are. I will definitely be recommending this course to my other coworkers and anyone else I know on a data governance journey.

Tracey Jean - Data Governance Lead

Wonderful course!

Wonderful course: enlightening and eye-opening.

Joel Bethell - Web Designer

Soo many maturity models

This is a great overview of a large number of maturity models out there and some good advice on selecting the appropriate model for the organisation and also tips in terms of the cost involved in the assessment. I didn’t realise there are that many models.

Connie - Data Architect

Very helpful and practical

Indeed I found this course very helpful and practical. I am already using insights for this on my Data Governance program.

Audry Ayivor - Project Manager

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