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Learn how to establish and implement your data governance program. Templates included!

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All there is to know about Data Governance Maturity Models.

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Discover all you need to know and do to implement an award-winning Business Glossary or improve the one you have. Welcome to the Business Glossary Course!

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Learn the best practices in data visualization for better data storytelling.

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What previous students had to say:


Enjoyed the course

I enjoyed the course and appreciate the lessons learned as well.

Lauren S - Data Strategist

Very helpful and practical

Indeed I found this course very helpful and practical. I am already using insights for this on my Data Governance program.

Audry Ayivor - Project Manager

This is refreshing

I took the 'Data Governance Maturity Model' course from LightsOnData to brush up on Data Governance topics since I had been more focused on the Data Quality side for a couple of years. I also wanted to see what I might have been missing, given that there are a large number of models out there. Maturity Models are back in fashion - if you are a consultant - your clients will expect you to have one to recommend or use during an engagement. If you are a client - you are going to be 'sold' one - so you might as well get an overview of what’s out there.

You likely can't spend time researching all of the Maturity Models, and you certainly won't do that research on your own for better value than the $250 price of this course. George Firican has a relaxed teaching style the suits the content, and you can tell he knows what he is talking about. He inserts a little humor but not so much as to make it comical. This is refreshing because there's a lot of fluff out there right now in training by people who like to make a lot of noise but don't have much substance to bring beyond catchphrases.

George starts with the origins of Maturity Models and why there are scores of them now used in various industries and disciplines. He then dives into eight models that have a specific focus on Data Governance. George doesn’t try to push one model over the other. He even admits and provides backup as to why Maturity Models are hardly scientific, are subjective, and can be very similar. Instead, he spends the later lessons explaining how you might choose one, tips on using them to assess your organization, and considerations for benchmarking.

I took away that none of them are 'bad.' Model selection might be more a factor of whether you are going to use them yourself or whether you are choosing a consultant who only uses that model. Either way, you get plenty in the overview course to be dangerous. Finally, George provides a good set of links throughout the course if you want to delve further. Based on taking this course, I have also purchased the Business Glossary course from Lights on Data. It's next up on my weekend learning agenda.

David Finlay - Product Master Data Governor


I loved the amount of knowledge this course gave me. The delivery was so easy to comprehend and follow along. The short videos for each module was perfect for segmenting each topic and allowed me to take notes in between.

I can't wait to apply what I've learned and add more value to the organisation I work for.

Rachel McCranor - Reporting and Data Management Officer

A really great course

Very balanced and thoughtful course on Data Governance. George and LightsOnData really did a great job covering all of the topic areas need for Data Governance. More and more companies and clients are looking to expand their Data Governance programs as the importance of quality well defined and governed data is powering everything in their business including AI.

Tony B - CEO


This training course is excellent, and providing a valuable insights and practical advice in Data Governance.

Zakareya Jumaa Alalawi - Head of IT

10/10 would recommend

This course has provided me with an excellent basis of data governance understanding and start, to implement a data governance program within my own company using the tools provided. The videos were actively engaging and the course/video length was a perfect length to understand the topics presented without losing interest by being too long. The course breadth was extensive and feel I have a holistic view of data governance as a topic. The examples/templates were particularly great, and I'll be using them to help build our own data governance program. I'd recommend this course to anyone wanting the complete data governance picture and a practical start to implementing their own data governance program. Thank you George!

Abe Furlong - Data Engineer

Rare and valuable course!

This is the first course I found on Data Governance that I really understood and could imagine myself implementing it while viewing the videos. Other courses only give you disorganized information that you don't know how to use, but this one is certainly a must have. Thanks George!

Oscar Zeledon Masis - Assistant Vice President


The course was great and I learned a lot that I will be able to carry into my position. One comment is I wish there was additional written content as a lot of the important information is within the audio. Do you offer audio to written notes?

Nancy Foster - Mgr, Data Quality

Great course!

Great course! Thorough, practical and easy to understand.

Udeme Anosike - Data Integrity Specialist

Business Glossary: what you need to know

The online business glossary course gives a well-structured overview on all relevant topics to be aware of when starting to deal with a business glossary. The lessons are easy to follow, full of helpful hints and tips and best practice examples. Some good templates are provided. Having in mind the range of data governance activities, the creation of a business glossary is foundational. Only with a unique language for business terms, the same understanding of their meanings, data management can be done effectively. It doesn´t matter if it is on data reports, data quality rules, master data management, data integration or whatever data topic of interest: a good business glossary supports a common language for the business and prevents friction losses in data management. This course shows how a good business glossary can be built to support data governance and data management.

Christiana Klingenberg - Principal Business Consultant Master Data Management

Clear, concise, and so well delivered!

Thank you so much for this brilliant course! My organization is just starting a Data Governance program (literally just scratching the surface!) and the whole concept is very overwhelming.

Your course was clear, concise, and so well delivered! I feel like I have a great starting point and really good first steps.
Thank you for all of your resources (this course, YouTube, the podcast, etc.). This information is invaluable!

Lauren Fulthorpe - Prospect Management & Research Officer

Very informative

At present time this lesson is outside of my scope of work, but it was very informative as I have always heard about maturity models but didn't know there were so many and how they differed. I will definitely be keeping these lessons in mind when and if I am involved in these discussions in my organization. Loved how thorough and informative these lessons were. Thanks Again.

Tracey Jean - Data Governance Lead

Soo many maturity models

This is a great overview of a large number of maturity models out there and some good advice on selecting the appropriate model for the organisation and also tips in terms of the cost involved in the assessment. I didn’t realise there are that many models.

Connie - Data Architect

Excellent course highly recommended

Excellent course highly recommended. From the first session George captivates by his teaching ability. His shared experience adds value to the course. I like this analogy, it's like running a 10K marathon with a great coach. Thank you George for the great course that has helped me a lot and I am already applying these concepts at work.

Luis Martin Grados Salinas - Data Managment Lead

Great Course on Maturity Assessment

It is always interesting to understand experts perspectives on data and especially on Data Governance maturity. Going through the available models and how to use them is a key information for anyone starting their Data Governance journey or wanting to re-assess their maturity level. Great job George!

Laurent Dresse - Data Governance Evangelist & Head of Consulting

Great course!

I really liked the business glossary course, it was very informative and easy to follow and I liked the level of detail provided. As my organization is starting on our glossary we were struggling with what to include, this course has helped us decide on what to include and how to move forward. Based on the knowledge and value of this course I have recommended it to some of my colleagues.

Tracey Jean - Data Governance Lead

Insightful and practical

This has been the most insightful Data Governance course I have taken till date. Having worked in Data Governance for a while, I love that I could relate with a lot of the examples and some of the steps outlined are what I could have used in my role for better outcomes. I will recommend this course to every Data Governance enthusiast or professional looking for some improvements or best practices in their Data Governance implementation.

Oyinlola Oresanya - Senior Data Governance Consultant

Best Course on Business Glossary

Found you on Youtube and was able to quickly applying what was learned on the job. This course also came at the perfect time as I am in the process of brining in a Business Glossary to my organization.

Bryan Gonzalez - Sr. Business Analyst

A lot of valuable tips

Thanks to this course, I was able to increase my knowledge about Data Governance and different maturity models. I found a lot of valuable tips, both obvious and less obvious to think about while working on this topic in the company.

Monika Tabor - Project Manager

Highly recommended!

Great course!
Good coaching to implement a step-by-step and pragmatic approach. Highly recommended!

Aurélie Faussurier - Sourcing Analyst

Worth every penny

I am so glad that I found this course from George's videos on Youtube. The content was excellent and the perfect amount of time for each module. It allowed for me to fit it into my busy work and parenting schedule and get done in a timely manner. I like George's teaching style it makes the content easy to take in, understand and adopt. We are just starting our data governance program and I feel this course will help steer us in the right direction and course correct from where we currently are. I will definitely be recommending this course to my other coworkers and anyone else I know on a data governance journey.

Tracey Jean - Data Governance Lead

A gift from the heavens

In life, the old saying goes "if its too good to be true, its not", but in the case of this course, it's all good and its all true. Thank you for having the ambition to make such a course and thank you for sharing with others.

Bryan Gonzalez - Senior Data Analyst/ Data Governance Lead

Great course

Thank you for making this great course. I have learned many new things which will become very helpful.

Jörn Ishikawa - Data Governance Manager

Knowledge and resources that I can actually use at work

It was difficult to find a course on data governance, so I was very happy I found George Firican on YouTube. I enrolled in his courses immediately. Thank you, George, for sharing your experience and expertise, your knowledge and resources that I can actually use at work. I will keep an eye for new courses/ videos.

Viviana Bancu - Systems Analyst

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