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Data Visualization for Data Storytelling

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The Basic Concepts 2 Lessons

What Is Data Storytelling

Exploring what data storytelling is and why it is important.

Considerations of a Good Data Story

Let's explore what makes a good story and what are its considerations. 

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Foundations of Data Visualization 5 Lessons

Principles of Visual Perception

Overview of the principles of the gestalt theory of visual perception and their role in data visualization and data storytelling.

Pre-attentive Attributes

Pre-attentive visual properties and how to use them in a data visualization.

Color Usage

Best practices for color usage and overview of qualitative, sequential, and diverging color palettes and color themes.

Color Accessibility and Resources

How to select colors to ensure accessibility and a list of resources to select color schemes for a better data visualization.  


Layout considerations and an overview of the inverted pyramid and Z layout patterns.

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Core Graphs Best Practices 4 Lessons

Bar Graph

When to best use bar graphs, their history, different types of bar graphs, and data visualization best practices for bar graphs.

Line Graph

When to best use line graphs, their history, different types of line graphs, and data visualization best practices for line graphs.

Pie Chart

Going more in depth into the chart which is vastly disliked by data visualization experts, but adored by a wide audience.

Scatter Plot

Exploring the statistician's favorite chart, when to use the scatter plot and what to watch out for, its history, different types, and data visualization best practices for scatter plots.

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Visualization and Data Storytelling Field Guide 13 Lessons

Visualization Considerations for a Good Data Story

The general considerations we should think about when creating a data story and the data visualizations accompanying it.

Crafting Your Data Story

Learn how to craft your craft your data story, including the style and story type, questions, structure and toolkits that you can use.

Selecting the Right Visual: Intro

How do you choose the right visual? Here are the considerations for answering this question.

Selecting the Right Visual: Comparison

Data visualization choices if you are comparing values against each other.

Selecting the Right Visual: Time-Related

Data visualization choices if you are showing something over time such as a trend over time.

Selecting the Right Visual: Correlation

Data visualization choices if you want to focus on relationships, the correlation or connectedness of your data points.

Selecting the Right Visual: Composition

Data visualization choices when you are showing composition, parts that make up something, or a hierarchy that you want to emphasize.

Selecting the Right Visual: Distribution

Data visualization choices when you want to show the distribution, how frequent or scattered some data points are.

Selecting the Right Visual: Spatial

Data visualization choices when you want to show data points along a space construct such as a map or a floor plan.

Selecting the Right Visual: Additional Charts & Strategies

Looking at some wicked different types of charts and strategies that can aid us when we visualize our data.

Selecting the Right Visual: Use Cases

Looking at some examples of what are some good data visualization options for the questions asked. 

Selecting the Right Visual: Final Note

A quick review and wrap up with an example of a "scandalous" chart.

Chart Selector Options (BONUS)

Here are some resources if you're looking for a starting point on how to choose a chart based on what you're trying to show.

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A Data Storyteller's Journey 6 Lessons

Lluvia’s Data Analyst & Storyteller Journey

The data analyst journey of Lluvia Meneses, lessons learned along the way, and reasons to become a data analyst and data storyteller.

Andrew’s Story and Journey

The story and journey of Andrew Drinkwater, the president and co-founder of Plaid Analytics.

How to Stand Out If You're Just Starting Out

Advice on how to stand out from the pool of job applicants and useful tips on securing your next data job.

How to Leverage Data Visualization to Advance Your Career

How do you convince others to adopt data visualizations and other useful tips.

How to Shine While You're in School

Recommendations on how to make the most out of your school experience to help you out in your future career.

Data Storytelling With Our Resume

Examples and steps on how you can modify your resume to showcase your data storytelling skills. 

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BONUS 8 Lessons

Breaking the Rules

Here are some examples of how sometimes breaking the rules of best practices for data visualization, can result in a better data story, while still keeping the integrity and reality of the story.

Data Visualization Tool Selection Criteria – Part 1 (Template included)

Here is the criteria that you should consider for selecting a data visualization tool to adopt and use. 

Data Visualization Tool Selection Criteria – Part 2

Data visualization criteria that will influence your tool selection.

Data Visualization Tool Selection Criteria – Part 3

 Criteria for the overall tool for better usage and management.

Resources for Design

Resources that you can use for typography, images, and supporting graphics in order to enhance your data visualizations. 

Resources for Finding Public Data

Here are some resources that you can use if you are in need of data for your data visualizations and data stories.

Lessons for Mastering Storytelling

Here are some tips and tricks for mastering the art of storytelling and more.

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