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How to Create a Data Visualization That Sticks

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Lee Feinberg, the Chief Data Officer and the creator of the concept, "Intent Before Content." Lee shares tips on how you can create data visualization that sticks with your audience and clearly convey the intended message. But all these, as he puts it, all starts with the intent and knowing who your audience is, before drawing the sketch and employing best practices. Tune for more!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in:

  • [00:25] A little bit about Lee's background and journey
  • [03:27] The idea of "Intent Before Content" and how it was born
  • [05:26] Know the audience before putting your effort into a solution
  • [07:53] Did Lee's engineering experience have some influence on the concept?
  • [08:45] Why sketching the solution first is always recommended
  • [11:51] Recommendations and tools for sketching your product if you can't draw
  • [14:45] What else before applying data visualization best practices
  • [17:54] When your audience only wants to see the answers
  • [20:58] Best practices for data visualization that sticks
  • [25:59] How the pandemic reduced printing
  • [28:09] How to connect with Lee

Notable Quotes

  • You have to know the message that you want to communicate before you can start building anything.
  • By knowing who your audience is, you actually end up having to make multiple stories. But the process that we created actually lets you do the work faster and do it without a lot of rework.
  • We teach people, is to stay away from their application as long as possible for several reasons. One, the act of storyboarding actually can lead to some innovation.
  • Overall, when you start showing the numbers, or when you can see things better, people get more resistant in general, because they're, they might see something they don't expect.
  • The less you have on the page, there are fewer distractions, right? And each page should really have been tied to a message.


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