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When your organization depends on business intelligence reporting, you will need a high level of process automation within your DWH/BI application development. When you can build automation into your DWH development process, you will need fewer highly skilled people to perform tedious and repetitive testing processes – usually, every day. It is practical to increase the timing and value of a BI initiatives by continually automating key testing tasks, thus minimizing human interference.
ETL test automation

Optimized and automated software testing will decrease budget outlays and the time needed for DWH/BI implementation and maintenance – both short and long term. If you use the latest automated testing solutions from the beginning, you can avoid the so-called ‘”tech debt”.

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About the author 

Wayne Yaddow

Wayne Yaddow is an independent consultant with more than 20 years’ experience leading data integration, data warehouse, and ETL testing projects with J.P. Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, Standard and Poor’s, AIG, Oppenheimer Funds, and IBM. He taught IIST (International Institute of Software Testing) courses on data warehouse and ETL testing and wrote DW/BI articles for Better Software, The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI), Tricentis, and others. Wayne continues to lead numerous ETL testing and coaching projects on a consulting basis. You can contact him at

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