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George & Diana

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I encourage everyone to tune in

Speaking with George & Diana was both enjoyable and presented most professionally. The questions asked by both punctuated and profiled the merits of holographic projection technologies and its place now and in the future. I encourage followers of Lights on Data to tune in for their insightful show topics.

Joel Solloway - President

Great time

I had a great experience with these amazing hosts. Thank you very much!

Kate Strachnyi - Founder - DATAcated

Fun & Helpful

It was great! Diana and George know their stuff and made it easy for me.

Dave Kelly - CEO of AnalyticsIQ

Keep it up

The Lights On Data Show is a great experience. Great questions. Knowledgeable hosts. Fast pace. Look forward to coming back.

Tom Redman - The Data Doc


George & Diana are doing something truly amazing here and I am grateful that you invited me to be part of the show. I loved every aspect of this experience, everything was thought out well in advance, but we also had the freedom and space to articulate some of the most subtle ideas. In our eternal battle for attention, this type of mental space is increasingly rare. Thank you again for the opportunity to talk about The Data Project, and to learn from each other!

Loris Marini - Principal and Founder


I loved getting the chance to speak with George and Diana!! It was a fun, concise call and helped me meet some incredible new people from within the data community. Definitely a great call!

Lillian Pierson - CEO, data-mania

Great experience

The webinar experience was amazing with great audience and questions. George and Diana are great hosts and I've been impressed by their professionalism! Keep on the good work!

Laurent Dresse - Data Goverance Evangelist | Head of consulting

Enjoyed being a guest on "Lights on data"

Had a great conversation with George and Diana discussing cybersecurity! I look forward to our next chat!

Matthew Rosenquist - CISO

A great show to discover the essence of data

That was my pleasure as a speaker of "Advanced Analytics with Data Virtualization" on the "LIGHTS ON DATA SHOW". I found the hosts and the framework very friendly and professional which helped me to focus on my materials and connect to the right audiences. The show planned and executed perfectly as expected. "LIGHTS ON DATA SHOW", thanks for the opportunity you gave me.

Ali Aghatabar - Director of Intelicosmos

Lights on Data rocks!

I had an epic time as a guest on the Lights on Data Show! The hosts were friendly, did their research, and made me feel right at home! Thanks again for having me on the show, and I hope you'll have me back on in the future!

Harpreet S Sahota - Host of the Artists of Data Science

Fun and informative Experience

George and Diana are very smart, humble hosts that make you feel welcome from start to finish. They were easy to talk to and have enabled me to talk to many like-minded data professionals across the globe. I am very interested in collaborating with them again in the future.

Nigel Schmalkuche - Managing Director, Strategic Architects

Congratulations on one of the better interactive knowledge places on the 'net'

Working with George and Diana was one of the highlights for me in long time. Both are very professional, and knowledgeable beyond just the subject. The platform they offer to get immediate and current information based on real world experience in an interactive format is one of the best I have personally experience in my professional career. Highly recommend folks follow this show and this couple :-)

Bob Heath - Executive Chief Architect - Comcast

Amazing experience! Hope to be on again someday!

It was so much fun being a guest on the Lights on Data Show. Diana and George asked insightful questions and were highly professional! I’m very grateful they had me on to talk about building a data science portfolio. I hope to be a guest again in the future!

Michael Galarnyk - None

Fantastic show

The entire process was smooth and clean, but most of all was the great audience of decision makers and key industry experts. I recommend the show to anyone.

David Marco - President of EWSolutions

Great experience!

This is one of the shows that you want to tune into and come back. The hosts are great and making you feel welcome and comfortable.

Everything is very professional and their audience is fantastic. Overall it was a great experience!

Jean-François Deldon - Digital and Data Transformation Leader - Michelin

Phenomenal Experience

I had a phenomenal experience on the show. Really well done and a lot of fun!!

Alexander FLeiss - CEO - Rebellion Research

An incredible experience

My appearing today on the Lights On Data Show was an incredible experience. George and Diana are wonderful hosts who made me feel totally at ease; what a class act! They showed a tremendous breadth of knowledge, kept the pace going, asked some really thought-provoking questions, and made it exciting for their viewers. No wonder people keep coming back for more; George & Diana are absolutely top-notch. The chemistry between them sparkles, their energy is contagious, and their friendliness is a joy to experience. My high recommendation for this quality program should not come as a surprise, because I believe anything George & Diana Firican put their hands on will be worth watching!

Dr. Joe Perez - Chief Technology Officer