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Oracle data governance model

Data governance maturity models – Oracle

Maturity models contain a set of levels or phases, each with their own characteristics, usually about the status of processes and structures, people and culture, tools technology.  As an organization advances in a level/ phase, it is considered more mature in its treatment, usage, and understanding towards

dataflux data governance model

Data governance maturity models – DataFlux

This article is covering DataFlux maturity model and continuing the series of data governance maturity models as a data governance evaluation tool. Check out these other ones: Stanford’s Maturity Model IBM’s Maturity Model DataFlux Maturity Model Overview: Developed by DataFlux in 2007, it was based

IBM DG model

Data governance maturity models – IBM

One way of measuring the effectiveness of your data governance program is to assess it against an existing maturity model. This can help by indicating: where you are with the data governance program how you are progressing or not; and what are some of the